Who we are?

Kamaal Zindagi is the collection of motivational and success stories that inspire you, By showing success stories from the historical events, Kamaal Zindagi's aim is to empower you to achieve your goals.

Kamaal Zindagi brings you inspiring stories of people, companies and products those reached top from the bottom. Success does not come easily to even the most talented people. We all need that motivation, inspiration and that nudge which makes us re-believe and reaffirm in ourselves. Kamaal Zindagi's stories, videos and quotes will motivate, inspire, help you to get recharged and empowered to surge on ahead and overcome any obstacles that appear in your path. We promise to be with you in every sphere on your path to success and help you emerge into success in whatever your vision to achieve.


Down the line, we would facilitate other entities to help them produce video and graphical content and make them visible in all digital platforms.

Aadhya Sinha

Co-Founder & Creative

Co-Founder & Managing Director




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